Fi Isidore, Horror TV (Lic. Sniffany & Minni), Kristin Reger, Rodrigo Red Sandoval, Roger Muñoz
Either a Rapture or an Existential Risk
July 22 – August 19, 2023

This show wants to think of these narratives as objects, as artifacts we carry with ourselves through time and space, and how through their constant handling, they are worn, they fray at their edges, calcify in their refusal to give, or absorb our uncertainty as humidity, dissolving into mush before our eyes. It’s a show about the decadence of those narratives, their degradation and excessive mutability, as well as about that indestructible nugget of power they manage to hold, the one we keep clinging onto to justify so much of our recklessness. In that sense, it is a show about how those narratives and ideologies inform our actual relations to objects, be them works of art, buildings, our own bodies, furniture, clothes: the objects we surround ourselves with, what we consume and value, what we produce with our honest efforts or by creating mountains of waste – they end up telling our story, what we believe in and where we stand. The works on the show are not obviously familiar with one another, the point is closer to a representation or articulation of a kind of entropy – in how narratives and origin stories take unexpected twists and turns that have real and chaotic consequences on how we practice being humans in our world.

Deli Gallery - All Rights Reserved 2020
Deli Gallery - All Rights Reserved 2020