Cudelice Brazelton, Raque Ford, Lewis Hammond, Alexandria Tarver
April 19–May 12, 2019

There is a spider that comes and visits me every night and wakes me up by crawling slowly over my resting body. By the time it gets near my ear, I’m awake and too scared to swipe it off of me. It always wants to talk.

It’ll ask me the most random questions. Last night the spider asked me, “What would be your power look? When you think of yourself in the most confident light what would you be wearing?”

I didn’t know how to answer the question so the spider helped out and said, “I imagine myself in a well tailored suit, with a low cut button up blouse. And maybe the suit is powder pink and I’m standing in my most boss ass bitch pose. Really working the suit. What about you?”

I told the spider in a low whisper, “I’m tired, but I think when I imagine myself most confident I see myself in my own clothing like this beige dress I have and my see thru forever 21 top, and I’m wearing those big clunky heels over there. Or maybe I see myself in a ton of ruffles that cascade down into a dress, very femme. But I don’t know. I’m tired and you know how I hate spiders.”

The spider apologized and said, “fine fine I will leave you alone...also ruffles is a weird choice” and then the spider crawled away to let me sleep.      -Raque Ford

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Deli Gallery - All Rights Reserved 2020