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Eden Seifu

Eden Seifu (b. 1996) was born in Boston, Massachusetts and lives in Seattle, Washington. She received a BA in Communication at the University of Washington, where she also studied Art History, in 2018. She has shown work at the Center on Contemporary Art in Seattle and has had paintings published in the University of Washington Bricolage Journal. Most recently she has shown work in the group show We Begin With Noticing at Deli Gallery in 2019. The Seasons to be Spirited Away is Forever is her first solo exhibition.

Eden Seifu is a figurative painter whose work takes an interest in depictions of the fantastical and surreal as mediums for the viewer to become intimate with the psychology of oneself and of others. In featuring people of color, especially Black people, as her subjects, she wishes to combat the historically exclusive tradition to depict only a small percentage of people as receptors of the most poignant and riveting human emotions. Seifu’s inspirations include romance novels, Russian symbolist paintings, illuminated manuscripts, adventure anime, comic books, and more. 

Deli Gallery - All Rights Reserved 2020
Deli Gallery - All Rights Reserved 2020

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