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Lila de Magalhaes (b. 1986, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) lives and works in Los Angeles. She received her MFA from the University of Southern California in 2013 and a BA from Glasgow School of Art in 2008.

Recent solo and two-person exhibitions include Involuntary Earthling, Deli Gallery, New York (2023); Wet Wool, with Audrey Hope, After Hours, Vernon, CA (2022); Soup of the Night, Matthew Brown, Los Angeles (2021); Cupid of Chaos, Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles (2019); Palace of Errors, Deli Gallery, New York (2019); and Motorfruit, Blood Gallery, New York (2015).

She has appeared as well in numerous group exhibitions, including X-PINK 101, X Museum, Beijing (2023); The Entelechians, Ruschman Gallery, Chicago (2022); Recent Sculpture, Matthew Brown, Los Angeles (2022); What Lies Under the Tree, Peana, Mexico City (2022); House Parté II: The Final Sale, Carlye Packer, Palm Springs, CA (2022); Beyond Identity, Jessica Silverman, San Francisco (2022); HU, Real Pain Fine Arts, Los Angeles (2020); Celebration, INSECT, Los Angeles (2020); Lararium, Deli Gallery, New York (2019); Coalescence, Museo de Angra do Heroismo, Azores (2019); Liquid Dreams, Francois Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles (2018); Altered, Company Gallery, New York (2018); After Curfew, Freedman Fitzpatrick, Los Angeles (2018); and A Soft Flea, Mutt.r, Los Angeles (2017).

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Deli Gallery - All Rights Reserved 2020